The challenges of dealing with foreign manufacturers

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Brands know that one of the best ways to improve profits is to take advantage of income gaps between nations & outsource clothing manufacturing overseas to foreign manufacturers. But while this is a logical strategy, it is not without risks & potential pitfalls. In this article, we evaluate some of the potential issues that may arise from dealing with foreign manufacturers.

Communication Challenges

Since production is sourced to a foreign country with a completely different language, business culture and communication styles, it could be extremely challenging to communicate your message accurately. A misinterpretation in specifications could lead to a whole batch of products being produced incorrectly which results in lost resources and time. Needless to say, it is important to have contacts and liaison personal that can effectively communicate intentions to production which is what BuyersLane specialises in.

Issues with customs & import restrictions.

As regulations change, dealing with foreign manufacturers means brands will need to consistently keep up to date with current laws, import regulations & manage any changes in external factors. This could costly in terms of resources as manpower would need to be dedicated to ensuring the process flows efficiently. As a full service business, BuyersLane takes care of all the importing so your products arrive at your doorstep worry free.

Low Control Over Production Processes

Brands that are accustomed with complete control over the entire production process may find it challenging in relinquishing control to a foreign manufacturer. For one, production is no longer managed in house and it’ll take a lot of trust and relationship building to ensure foreign production matches the standard your own in house team had previously set. At BuyersLane, brands can leverage the existing working relationships we have built with our factories over the years to ensure quality is consistent.

Without the proper guidance, talent and resources; production with a foreign manufacturer can be a troublesome process with many roadblocks in the way. Whilst foreign manufacturing may seem like a distant endevour, our processes and expertise can make it happen now. We can help your business scale grow with confidence.

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