How can lean manufacturing help clothing manufacturers

Lean Manufacturing Pillars

In the past few years, more and more clothing companies have started to focus on lean production principles in order to achieve lower production costs. Originating in Japan and pioneered by Toyota, lean manufacturing focuses on reducing wastage in the production process. But how can lean production impact the clothing manufacturing process and what type of benefits can a business expect from using lean manufacturing in the clothing manufacturing process?

Better quality

Maybe the most important benefit that clothing manufacturers and their customers can enjoy from lean clothing manufacturing is an increase in the overall quality. Lean manufacturing will ensure there are fewer defects as problems that arise are swiftly addressed and the root cause is identified and fixed. Processes are then implemented to prevent the problem from recurring providing an overall machine that is well oiled and able to meet customer demands.

Reduced Inventory & Space

When only what is needed is produced, clothing manufacturers can reduce many costs which can be passed onto their customers. A reduction in space results in lower manpower & costs needed to manage inventory and thus these cost savings are passed on in the final product that is sold to retailers and wholesalers.

Better efficiency

Clothing manufacturers  that employ lean manufacturing ensures that each staff member along the production line is working at maximum efficiency. Implementing processes and standard procedures lead to efficiencies that are reproduced in every production. As such, these efficiencies mean a faster turnaround on delivering products to customers.

Manpower reduction

The lean clothing manufacturing process is designed to do more with less. This is why many times it will deliver standardized work and better efficiency through reduced manpower. This offers clothing manufacturers the ability to allocate minimum resources hence result in lower costs of production.

Problems are identified and eliminated faster

While lean manufacturing might take a bit to implement depending on the clothing line manufacturers, it does have some amazing perks. One of them is that it can better identify and eliminate any potential problems without wasting too much time. That alone manages to provide a great value as it lowers risks of errors in production which can have flow down effects to customers of clothing manufacturers.

Lean manufacturing is a great concept if implemented correctly. While it might take a little bit of time to perfect, the results can be very beneficial to clothing manufacturers & their customers. It is therefore vitally important that fashion retailers & wholesalers choose clothing manufacturers that employ lean manufacturing processes.

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